Communist Party

The organised labour & trade union movement has a strong history in Scotland. Class politics was what gave the movement that strength. 

In Britain, a rich historical seam of communist ideas dates back to the Middle Ages and beyond - Communism did not start with Karl Marx, or with the Russian Revolution of 1917!  At times of great crisis, such as the Peasants' Revolt (1381), the English Revolution (1640), and the Chartist uprisings of the 1830s and 1840s, communist ideas have come to the fore, voicing the hopes of working people.

The desire for a future based on peace, cooperation, community and common, wealth has long inspired the peoples of England, Scotland and Wales.

The Communist Party was founded in Britain in 1920, its roots were deep in the British working class, among the various socialist parties and societies and the militant shop stewards’ movement of the time. For all of them, the establishment of a unified, revolutionary party in Britain was the pressing need after the First World War.

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