Britain's Road to Socialism

What does it mean to be a Communist in modern day Britain? How do Communists work to achieve a revolutionary change in the society in which we live? How do Communists act in general and in broader alliances and groups? How important is education to a Communist?

The Communist Party of Britain's program is called Britain's Road to Socialism. Simon Steel, in charge of Marxist educational work and then Scottish Secretary of the Communist Party, leads off a discussion of this program for revolutionary change.

The program of the British Communist Party since 1951. Life-long Communist and trade unionist Kevin Halpin was once named "the most dangerous man in Britain" by the Sun newspaper for his legendary role as a working class organiser.


This is the 8th edition of the Communist Party’s programme for Revolution. First published in 1951 as The British Road to Socialism, subsequent editions were issued in 1952, 1958, 1968, 1977 and 1989. The 7th edition in 2000 was renamed Britain’s Road to Socialism.This new 8th edition was adopted by the executive committee in July 2011.

"Capitalism is a system of exploitation that generates crisis, inequality, corruption, environmental degradation and war; and is innately incapable of solving the most fundamental problems of humanity.
The capitalist monopoly corporations and the state apparatus which serves their interests are the main obstacles to progress on every front: economic, social, cultural and political.
Socialism is the only form of society that offers the potential for solving humanity's problems in conditions of individual and collective freedom.

Because the working class has the most direct and immediate interest in putting an end to capitalism and replacing it with a socialist society, its own class interest also represents the interests of society as a whole.
In Britain, the potential exists to pursue an alternative economic and political strategy that challenges and ultimately defeats the ruling class."

In this programme, the Communist Party explains its view that capitalism must be overthrown in the interests of the working class, the people and humanity as a whole. It identifies the forces and the strategy by which the power of the capitalist monopoly corporations and their state can be replaced by state power in the hands of the working class and its allies.