Morning Star - the Daily Paper of the Left

This newspaper has a long and proud history. Since it was first published in 1930 as the Daily Worker it has been a consistent voice for peace and socialism.

Today, the Morning Star — it changed its name to the Morning Star in 1966 — is the only English language daily paper dedicated to such ideals.

Throughout its long campaigning history it has been attacked, sued, mocked and even officially banned but it has continued to fight for its principled socialist policies. Just as it is today, campaigning for a Labour victory and for Jeremy Corbyn to be our next prime minister.

2017 GE free editionIt is not owned by big business or multimillionaires but by thousands of ordinary working women and men putting their hands in their pockets to fund the truth about why we must have a Labour government with Corbyn at its head.

This paper is owned by a co-operative with thousands of committed individual members who finance the paper by individual donations.

The paper carries little commercial advertising and is dependent on those donations from socialists, other activists, readers and trade unions and their members.

Articles and comment columns are contributed by writers from socialist, communist, anti-war, trade union, LGBT, social democratic, Green, religious and every other progressive perspective.

The Morning Star is concerned with environmental issues too and supports many such campaigns and groups; it totally supports unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Over its long history it has carried regular contributions from among many others Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Michael Meacher, Tony Benn and many union general secretaries.

This paper that gets no funding from millionaire press barons or big business has continued daily production for 87 years. No wonder it is known as the Miracle of Fleet Street.

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The Morning Star occupies a unique place in the history of British and world politics in the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded on January 1, 1930, it is still the only English-language socialist daily newspaper published in the world.


morning star heldScottish Morning Star Campaign Committee
The Scottish Morning Star Campaign Committee was established in 1978 on the initiative of the Scottish Trades Union Congress. It brings together representatives of trade unions and readers and supporters groups to promote the Morning Star.


The Morning Star is run by a Cooperative Society, the Peoples Press Printing Society. It is supported by the STUC and all major unions. Anyone can become a shareholder for £5. The current policy of the Society is that the columns of the paper be open to all on the Left and that the paper’s editorial line be based on Britain’s Road to Socialism.


“In many ways, the struggle for socialism has become more complex and, in response, the paper has cast its net wide. As a forum for debate in the left, it has no parallel, as a voice for the working class it has no peer. Be it on environmental issues, human rights, trade union struggles, national or international politics, the Morning Star is there to inform, to publicise and to advocate.”


In Scotland the Scottish Morning Star Campaign Committee works to build circulations and support. It includes representatives of the major unions and organises regular conferences and meetings.


In Scotland there are also twice yearly Morning Star Conferences which bring together the broad non-sectarian Left on campaigning issues.