The State of modern Germany

Victor Grossman in the only person to have graduated from both Harvard and Karl Marx University. As a young leftist in the United States where the Cold War was being engineered, communists were facing increasing government hostility and harassment. 

The Korea War was seeing young men called up, and Victor was enlisted in the US Army and sent to Europe. In 1952 the Pentagon sent him a letter showing that they knew his politics (they left out his membership of the CPUSA probably to hide the extent of their infiltration). Facing the possibility of up to 2005 years in prison, he travelled to Austria under Western powers, and managed to present himself to the Soviet Red Army. He then settled in the German Democratic Republic and became a journalist.

He still lives in East Berlin and writes with a keen eye about the current political scene. A large part of his discussions were about modern day Germany and the perils people face as Capitalism lurches in need of scapegoats and solutions - which often involve militarism and imperialist expansionism, as demonstrated by that great son of Germany Karl Marx.

Read his Berlin Bulletin here: