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The immediate task before us is to leave the EU and to break the constraints on democracy that it represents [published in the Morning Star 22nd December 2018]


THE history of the British left is one of crises that promise victory but result in domination by the right.

In my lifetime I have lived through the stagflation of the ’70s, the miners’ strike in the ’80s, Black Tuesday in the ’90s and then the crash of 2008.

All seemed to promise radical change, yet this did not happen. On the contrary.

In response to successive democratic defeats, Labour adopted a strategy of the subordination of national democracy to finance capital and the European Union.

That describes the political economy of New Labour and its fatal inability to distinguish between globalisation and internationalism.

The free movement of labour, capital, goods and services, on which the European Union is based, is a vision of eternal capitalism in which it is illegal, by treaty law, to challenge the domination of finance within the economy.

Charles Woolfson, Professor of Labour Studies in Sweden, looks carefully at Brexit and the EU with key facts and figures. Rightwing and liberal narratives have sought to dominate public debate for their own ends, so here is a clear socialist analysis, showing the reality facing many ordinary workers. 

Recorded at a packed Communist Party public meeting 7th November 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland

If Labour goes into the next election on a platform of continued subjection to the EU, it will make a nonsense of the progressive policies in its manifesto, says ROBERT GRIFFITHS

THE chances of this Tory government limping all the way to a general election in 2022 are almost nil.

It is are divided on the EU, the NHS, civil liberties and even the 1 per cent public-sector pay cap.

It is dependent on the Ulster Loyalist DUP for a majority in the House of Commons. That’s like being rescued by a knight on a white charger who’s one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Millions of people have had enough of austerity. They need and want a pay rise or a boost to their pensions or benefits. They are deeply concerned about the NHS and have no idea how their children or grandchildren are going to be able to afford a college education or a home of their own.

There is a whiff of inevitability about a Labour government headed by Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

But there’s also an elephant in the room which could go on the rampage and wreck everything, unless the labour movement exercises unity and discipline informed by a clear class-based analysis.

Harris from the KKE (Greek Communist Party) explains how European Union imposed austerity is ripping Greek society apart. From unemployment to pensions being decimated, health services being slashed and educational standards falling to the lowest in the European Union - Greece is being crushed under the weight of cuts to vital services.

As in Britain and other EU states, the wealth owned by the richest 10% is hugely disproportionate, and in fact that wealth grows significantly as the rest of society pays an unbelievable cost.

And much lauded bail out packages fail to reach ordinary people - instead they are swallowed up in extraordinary ways.

The Rightwing and the liberals are intent to project their agendas during Brexit negotiations, but we need to campaign for a People's Brexit to push forward & win progressive demands & solutions to the Capitalist crisis.

The "EU" is not Europe - it is a big business Bosses club designed to advance their interests over those of the workers of European countries. Hence the dismantling of public ownership and resistance to effective organised workers & collective bargaining is written into the EU's very DNA. It is not reformable, and largest sectors of European workers are coming to he same conclusion. And in all this, the unity of workers across all lands decries any exploitation of workers, local or migrant, and full resists those who seek to divide us through racism or bigotry!

Featuring Raymond Mennie, Scottish Committee member and Dundee CP branch Chair.


Professor Charles Woolfson, respected academic and Communist who lived and worked in the Baltic Republics for some ten years, guides us through the descent of these republics into economic and political chaos through the giant Neo-liberal experiment.

The Baltic States were guinea pigs in a rampant free market & great Neo-liberal experiment, and they are the ones, sadly & ironically, who are paying the highest price for it. 

Video of a very successful public meeting held in Glasgow City Centre to discuss & examine the advancing Socialism after the EU Referendum.
Tam Kirby from the Communist Party and Vince Mills from the Labour Party Campaign for Socialism were our speakers, chaired by Sandra Trotter of the Communist Party Fife Branch & UNISON trade union activist.
Recorded on Wednesday, 6 July 2016 in Glasgow.

The pamphlets referred to are available below:
The EU deconstructed

In the run-up to the British EU Referendum in 2016, the media reports almost exclusively on virulently rightwing voices & the topics they bring up on the EU debate. The Communist Party believes that we must clearly make Left arguments against the European Union, that it is at it's very core an unreformable anti-working class & anti-socialist club for big business control of workers. Of course, the EU is a political body that is not to be confused with "Europe" - racism, anti-immigration & xenophobia fuel much of the rightwing rhetoric and outlook, and these have no place whatsoever in a socialist analysis!

Prof John Foster here takes on some common myths about the EU:
1. Leaving the EU means the end to human rights & European Court of Human Rights
2. The EU has kept Peace in Europe
3. We'll loose 3 million jobs if we leave the EU
4. We need the EU to protect us from TTIP
5. Austerity only comes from Tories or Westminster?

Then the the Broad picture is looked at: "What actually IS the EU, what is it's core nature"?

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