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Racism and Fascism


Where does Fascism come from? Recently we have witnessed the horrific scenes of "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Fascists openly parading and being blessed in the Baltic States, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, electoral results in France and Austria, and open Nazi parades in Germany with Hitler salutes ..... 

Political publicist Prof Cornelius (Conny) Renkl updates on the current situation in Germany in the run up to the general election and the surge in neo Nazi activity.
He served as a militant in the trade union movement and is active in the oldest and largest anti fascist organization in Germany.

Recorded in September 2017. Today in 2018, 
https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/article/a-broad-anti-fascist-alliance-is-whats-needed-to-defeat-the-far-right 7,000 self-proclaimed “Reich citizens” — many giving Hitler salute — attacked anti-fascists, journalists, migrants & police. Far-right terrorism case sees allegations of police incompetence & even collusion!

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So-called "Scottish Defense League" - Damp, dreary, defeated fascists

A grim group of Fascists bussed themselves up to Perth on 10th September to attempt to whip up anti-muslim sentiment. Media reports "amazing numbers" of locals and anti-fascist activists meeting the SDL there to see them off. SNP MP Pete Wishart and Scottish Labour interim leader Alex Rowley were among those who took to the streets to oppose the right-wing extremists.


You can find out more about the so-called SDL from anti-racism campaign group Hope not Hate Greater Glasgow here: http://www.glasgowhopenothate.org/scottishdefenceleague.html


From Perth Gazette

MP Pete Wishart along with organisations arrived at Perth Railway Station shortly after 1pm with a police escort.

Police Scotland was on high alert after rumours circulated members of the SDL were arriving on trains. Shortly after 1.30 pm a small mini bus arrived with SDL members and police were forced to remove the bus to avoid conflict.

Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, participated in today’s demonstration in opposition to the so-called Scottish Defence League.

Speaking after the demonstration, Mr Wishart said: “There was a fantastic turnout making it quite clear that there is no place in our Fair City for the hate and ignorance represented by the SDL.

A handful of fascists were faced with a huge and diverse crowd disgusted at their attempt to hijack a local planning issue to promote their racist agenda.

“I spoke to people of many faiths and none, people of all ages determined to make it clear that the local Muslim community have our support.

“I am very proud of Perth today.”

Prof John Foster, Communist Party International Secretary, explains what is going on in the Ukraine. Ukraine is a country divided by a civil war that has already killed thousands. The country is also in economic chaos. Inflation is running at over 40 per cent. Average wages for those lucky enough to be employed are around £25 a week. Over half the population is living below the UN-determined poverty level. 

Recorded September 2015, this event was originally to have had Eddie Dempsy give a report on the International solidarity visit to the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. Although Eddie couldn't make it, Prof Foster stood in and gave tremendously useful insights into this potentially complex subject.

Young men from across Britain, many who were Communists or sympathetic to their cause, left relative safety at home to go and fight for the Republican Government of Spain who were being attacked by Franco's Fascist forces.
They formed International Brigades (Brigadas Internacionales) and fought heroically, aided by material support by the Soviet Union, who stepped in once it was clear that Fascist Germany and Italy were arming and enabling Franco.

But today there are those who wish to distort this memory and muddy the waters. Now that all the International Brigaders have passed on, today many people's first encounter with tales of the Civil War could be via Ken Loach's very controversal film "Land and Freedom" or through anti-Communist George Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia".

We hope this small video can go some way to readdressing the historical balance & understanding that we have through the International Brigaders.

ANTI COMMUNISM & the Prague Declaration Movement.

Powerful forces are at work to rewrite & distort the course of history, equating the horrors & sheer human cost of Fascism and war against it - with the experience of building Socialism in Russia and Eastern Europe. As glossy revisionist histories would have it, "two dictatorial sides of the same coin".

Phil Katz, who's family hailed from areas affected by Nazism, speaks with knowledge and experience in the Scottish launch of his book in Freedom From Tyranny: The Fight Against Fascism and the Falsification of History
Availble online here: http://www.manifestopress.org.uk/

As the last generations remembering the victory against Fascism now grow few, those who have an axe to grind against Communists now organise under the Prague Declaration. Some of these same people campaign for the swastika to be decriminalised in the name of freedom, while the hammer and sickle and 5 pointed star remain criminalised. 

1945 - the victory of Freedom and for all People, is now contested domain.

1945 - the victory of Freedom and for all People, is now contested domain.

Popular Communist Parties such as in the Czech Republic and Young Communist League are harrased and threatened with legal action and banning. Viciously anti-Socialist governments try to bring in the notorious "3rd Resistance" Act, which makes all the opponents of Socialist governments equal in standing with those who risked their lives fighting Fascism! This video also covers and answers the so called "double genocide" accusations - a "dishonest and historically false .....poisonous idea taken such deep root" as some have called it (Guardian 14 Sept 2010).