Marc Livingstone, Chairperson of the Communist Party in Scotland and also Communist Candidate in the General and Scottish elections, sets out the case against Capitalism first, and then goes on to speak to the benefits of Communism. Finally, the floor was open for anyone to ask questions, so a session of discussion on the points raised finishes the video.

Young Communist League (YCL) shows The Case for Communism.

Don't listen to the Capitalist lies and distortions you were taught in school or what the capitalist media say - learn what Communists have to say and why we believe and campaign for a better world where the majority working class rule for good!

A Young Communist League film. Featuring Johnnie Hunter (YCL Scottish Organiser) & Dr Alan MacKinnon (Chair of Scottish CND). With the British Establishment attempting to turn 2014 into a celebration of the start of WW1 & portray the Great War as a noble & unavoidable conflict fought to preserve "freedom", obvious parallels begin to emerge between 1914 and the seemingly endless wars that are being waged in the past decade or so.
As these wars are being waged - it's today's youth who are expected to do the fighting, relying disproportionately on youth who are desperate for employment of any kind, especially when it is tied in with offers of education and travel. 

Today's Communist Youth, today as in the period of the first World War, oppose these Imperialist Wars and we seek to expose the class forces, economics & power which are at play and which demand war & control of world resources, markets and people in order to maintain the Capitalist system.