A  follow on from Trotskyism: A Rough Guide

Now we look at how Ultra Leftism (much broader than just Trotskyist groups) misunderstands Imperialism.
Right opportunism: short term gains in place of long term aims & principles. 
Left opportunism: preserve abstract priciples rather than make short term compromises. Class struggle is more complex than their dogmatic strain allows.

Lenin: Imperialism is the highest stage of Capitalism. What is the relationship between Capitalism and Revolution? e.g. What are the characteristics of bourgeois revolutions?.... Advances but with limitations.

Economic aspect of Imperialism: export of Capital (this is different than merely trading internationally goods). Capitalist need to seek investment away from saturated internal market.   Creates comprador bourgeoisie between foreign companies and raw markets - they have a stake in Imperialism, against national bourgeoisie. They would make deals with the pre-Capitalist feudal classes, in fact incorporate them into Colonial structure (especially British Empire in India etc).

This development left Revolutionaries oppressed by Imperialism - no democracy, no autonomy, dominated by backward feudal relations especially outside city. Similar tasks as faced by bourgeoisie initially. Allied workers and peasants could throw off this yoke. Possible class alliances with national bourgeoisie - "impure" to Ultra Left.

Lenin's Political aspect. Imperialism, by generating huge profits, can buy off sections of working class - could be won to support pro-Imperialist policies - creation of "labour aristocracy". "civilisation" of "savages" - Lenin called Social Chauvinism - xenophobic & racist.

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